December 20—International Human Solidarity Day is a day dedicated to celebrating unity in diversity. Solidarity is one of the fundamental human values and it is what underpins all international cooperation.  At a time when climate change threatens to destroy our planet as a place suitable for human habitation, solidarity is essential, since we are all in this together.  This example of climate change has opened our eyes in a new way to the power of solidarity.  Solidarity among grassroots people also recently brought about the signing of the international agreement outlawing nuclear weapons.  Even though no nuclear nations signed on to this agreement, it was supported by 191 other nations, showing that solidarity on this issue will eventually be successful at bringing about an end to nuclear weapons.  When the people of the world stand united, we can accomplish great things.
International Human Solidarity Day is:
a day to celebrate our unity in diversity
a day to remind governments to respect their commitments to international agreements
a day to raise public awareness of the importance of solidarity
God, we ask that you bless all your people throughout the world in their desire for justice, peace, freedom and protection of the environment. Inspire us as we listen deeply to one another and build solidarity among us so that together we can face the many challenges of our global community.

December 25
Merry Christmas!
In this Season of Peace, may we dedicate ourselves anew
to peace, solidarity, justice, compassion and love.